Hi LJers! Well, if there are in fact, ANY of you out there who actually still read my journal. Anyway! I wanted to let you all know I've done a complete overhaul (my journal should have it's own reality show) and it has an all new theme. My user info has been re-done as well and it's SO PRETTY! I'm so in love. My Friends Only banner and theme is Zooey Deschanel, who I absolutely adore to within an inch of her gorgeous life.

Anyway - my journal is remaining Friends Only so leave a comment on that page if you want me to add you, please. As you can tell, some amazing human being bought me a re-name token and a Paid Account, so I've changed my live journal name and added a bunch of new icons. The reason for this complete overhaul is that I tried to have a public journal again for a little while, and of course someone hacked into it and deleted a bunch of my entries (again...)

Wow ok this entry was totally fun to write. I had fun finding cool links hehe. And just a heads up, I have new material coming up very soon, so for those of you who like my writing, please stay tuned :-)